How to get the gift cards for your free psn codes and redeem them

If you are looking for a way to get Gift Cards to have Free PSN Codes, you have come to the right place. With the use of our Gift Card Generator, you can obtain unused PSN Codes. Our site is already being used by many people and claims the PSN Code on a daily basis, so you can redeem it and can have much more in your PlayStation Network account.

Steps to claim your PSN Code with our Gift Card Generator.

1.Enter your PlayStation Network username and click ¨Connect¨.

2.The next thing is to choose the amount you want and click on ¨Get PSN Code¨.

3.The last one is to click on ¨Check now¨and choose 1 offer to complete.

4.After completing 1 offer, your entire Free PSN codes will be revealed.

5.Finally you click on see complete Code and go.

How can you redeem your PSN Codes.


1. Open a Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) account on PlayStation Network PSN ( or use your existing Sony Entertainment Network account).

2. Select the PlayStation Store icon on the home screen.

3. Once in the PlayStation Store, select ¨redeem codes¨in the background of the menu.

4. Enter your 12-digit code.

5. Once you have entered the code correctly, choose the ¨continue¨option.

6. Select ¨Confirm¨to accept the terms of service.

7. Select ¨Continue¨to end the redemption process.


Please remember that the 12-digit code must be entered as it appears.